New Bus Schedule Effective February 5, 2018

Effective FEBRUARY 5, 2018, these are the NEW bus schedules for The Current. If your route is not listed here, it is because it has not changed.

Find your route below and click to view the NEW schedule.

The Routes

Route # Name / Description Download PDF
1 - Springfield In-Town
Springfield In-Town Fare Free
1 - Springfield In-Town
2 - Bellows Falls In-Town
Bellows Falls In-Town Fare Free
2 - Bellows Falls In-Town
53 - Bellows Falls/Brattleboro Commuter
Bellows Falls / Brattleboro Commuter– Travels between Exit 6 Park & Ride and Brattleboro Transit Center $1.00 Fare per trip
53 - Bellows Falls / Brattleboro Commuter
55 - Bellows Falls/Springfield Shuttle
Bellows Falls / Springfield Shuttle Fare Free
55-Bellows Falls / Springfield Shuttle
57 - Rutland/Bellows Falls Connector
Bellows Falls to Rutland Connector – Travels between Waypoint Center, Bellows Falls and Okemo, Ludlow. Transfer at Okemo to Marble Valley Regional Transit for Rutland destinations Fare Free
57 - Bellows Falls / Rutland Connector
73 - Dartmouth College Express
Dartmouth College Express – Travels between Exit 6 Park & Ride and Dimatix (Etna Road), Lebanon $2.00 Fare per trip
73 - Dartmouth College Express
74 - VA Exprress
VA Express – Travels between Exit 6 Park & Ride and VT Transit, White River Junction $2.00 Fare per trip
74 - VA Express

These schedules go into effect February 5, 2018. Please click here for the current schedules.

The Current To Change Route 57 Schedule


ROCKINGHAM: The Current will change its Route 57 Bellows Falls-Ludlow bus schedule effective November 6, 2017.

The new schedule will accomplish several goals. It will meet up with the Ludlow-Rutland bus which recently changed its schedule. It will eliminate the last trip to Ludlow in the evening which was seldom used. And it will start later in the morning (6:35 am versus the existing 5:00 am which generated very small ridership). The route’s stops will not change.

“We are making these changes as a result of several rider surveys, research done by the Southern Windsor Regional Planning Commission study, and a series of public meetings,” said Rebecca Gagnon, The Current’s General Manager. “The goals are to provide better service and increase ridership”.

The Current ceased charging a $2.00 fare earlier this year also in the interest of improving ridership which has been successful. A new brochure is planned, and schedules along the route will be updated as part of an effort to market the route.

The schedule is available on The Current’s website, .

For more information contact Rebecca Gagnon at (802) 460-7433, ext. 201.

The Current Drafts Route Improvement Plan


January 25, 2017

ROCKINGHAM – The Current continues work on a route improvement for many of its routes in Windham and Windsor Counties.

The plan’s goals are to improve the riders’ experience, increase ridership, attract new riders, and to support businesses and human service agencies throughout the region.

The plan is in response to a study done in 2016 by the Southern Windsor Regional Planning Commission which gathered extensive input from the public, towns, drivers, and human service agencies. Schedules are being reviewed based on the input, and already four routes’ fares have been eliminated.

The routes involved in the first phase of the plan are the #1 Springfield In-town, #2 Bellows Falls In-Town, #53 Bellows Falls-Brattleboro, #55 Bellows Falls-Springfield, #57 Bellows Falls-Rutland, #61 Bellows Falls to Okemo, and the 101 Route shopping trip from Chester to Claremont.

The #61 Route’s schedule was changed in November to accommodate Okemo’s employees and guests. Okemo has provided generous financial support for the route, and ridership is up substantially from a year ago. The 101 route changes are simply the fare elimination.

As potential route or schedule improvements are planned, they will be vetted in a multi-level public input and review process by riders, non-riders, towns, planning commission, the state, and The Current’s drivers and Board of Directors in the coming weeks. At least two public hearings will take place – one in Rockingham and one in Springfield.

“We are excited to finish the drafting stage and present this to the public in the coming weeks” said Rebecca Gagnon, Current General Manager. “These routes have not been analyzed in many years, and so many ridership factors have changed.”

Other routes will be looked at in the spring, but for now the focus is on the routes mentioned above.

“We thank our riders for their patience and support, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on our draft plan”, Gagnon said.

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Exit 6 Park 7 Ride Facility Now Open


January 13, 2017

ROCKINGHAM – The Exit 6 Park & Ride on The Current’s site opened in late December and is already getting good use.

The project was funded by The Town of Rockingham which owns the land and did much of the site work. Funding was also provided by a State of Vermont Park & Ride Grant, and a federal earmark administered through the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

Forty-eight parking spots were built, with four spots designated as electrical charging stations and three additional spots for handicapped parking. The facility is completely lit, and has a bus stop, shelter, and two bike racks.

“We are very grateful for the Town’s, state’s, and the FTA’s support” said Rebecca Gagnon, Current General Manager. “This project was a long time in the making, and we are pleased that such a quality facility is available to car-poolers, commuters, bus riders, and others”.

The Town of Rockingham, in particular, did much work at their own expense and in a short period of time. The project was designed by DuBois & King of Randolph, Vermont. Project Manager was Steve Horton of Steve Horton Construction Consulting Services of Walpole, New Hampshire. Local companies Lawrence & Lober and Bazin Brothers did the electrical and paving services, respectively.

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