Free Bus Service to Food Truck Roundup at Retreat Farm

Every Thursday night until Sept 5th from 5pm – 8pm, the Retreat Farm will be hosting a weekly Food Truck Roundup at the Retreat Farm. The Current is offering free bus service from Bellows Falls to Brattleboro for anyone who wants to attend.

Come and enjoy great food and entertainment in a community atmosphere.

The schedule for The Current bus to and from the event is below.

To Retreat Farm

Penguin Mart (Bellows Falls) 4:10pm 5:15pm
Allen Brothers 4:20pm 5:20pm
Exit 5 Park-n-Ride 5:21pm
High Grove Lot (Brattleboro) 5:55pm
Arrives at Retreat Farm 5:00pm 6:00pm

From Retreat Farm

Departs Retreat Farm 7:00pm 8:00pm
High Grove Lot (Brattleboro) 8:03pm
Exit 5 Park-n-Ride 7:35pm 8:35pm
Allen Brothers 7:45pm 8:45pm
Penguin Mart (Bellows Falls) 7:55pm 8:65pm

More information is available at The Retreat’s web site.


Dump The Pump

Dump The Pump logo

Public Transit helps you save money!

A household can save nearly $10,000 by getting rid of one car and taking the bus instead. Public transportation saves Americans 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually.

Public transit helps you save the planet!

40% of Vermont household greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation. Take the bus and cut your proportion!

Calculate your fuel savings and carbon savings

To, calculate your fuel savings and carbon savings, go to:
and in the top bar, click on “TOOLS & CALCULATORS.”


Current Celebrates National Dump The Pump Day

ROCKINGHAM, VT   The Current is joining public transit companies across the country in promoting the use of public transit to save money, fuel, and emissions by celebrating the fourteenth annual National Dump the Pump Day, Thursday, June 20th.

All riders using a Current bus that charges a fare not only ride free on June 20th, but they will also receive a free ride card for a future free ride valid any day for up to a full year. Fares are $1 in the Brattleboro area and on the Brattleboro-Bellows Falls route, and $2 on routes to the Upper Valley.  Riders on the Current’s fare-free routes will also receive a free ride card. Read More


2018 Annual Meeting

The Southeast Vermont Transit Board of Directors will hold their 2018 Annual Meeting at 5:00 pm February 21, 2019 meeting at The MOOver, 45 Mill Street in Wilmington, Vermont, and at The Current, 706 Rockingham Road, Rockingham, Vermont.


Public Transit Policy Plan Survey

Download flyer

The Vermont Public Transit Policy Plan (PTPP) will quantify Vermont’s transit needs, as well as recommend programmatic and policy initiatives to strengthen the statewide transit system. This plan will lay out a 10 year vision for improved transit service in Vermont and develop policies and strategies to guide the improvement of Vermont’s transit network.

Do you ride the bus? Carpool? Uber? We want your input!

Take the survey




November 30, 2018


WILMINGTON – Southeast Vermont Transit, parent company of The MOOver in Wilmington and The Current in Rockingham, kicked off its first fundraising campaign this week.

The campaign’s goal is to raise funds for both operations and capital match. Operations funds will be used to support existing services, and capital donations will go toward the local match required to buy new buses and other capital.

“We need to fundraise as our traditional sources of income become tighter and tighter” said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO.  “Operating costs increase, and it becomes more difficult each year for non-profits like SEVT to break even and to fund capital replacement.”

SEVT is doing mailings, applying for private grants, and networking to begin the

fundraising campaign. Donors may make one-time gifts of any amount or may pledge if they wish.

Donations are accepted via check or online at .

For more information, call (802) 464-8487 or visit


VTrans to Hold Statewide Public Transit Plan Meetings

Download flyer

Vermont is updating its state-wide Public Transit Plan.

Do you ride the bus? Carpool? Take a taxi? We want your input. VTrans will be holding regional forums throughout the state in October and November. The purpose of the regional forums is to gather input on existing public transportation services, service gaps and challenges, and potential solutions from stakeholders and transit riders.

For more information, visit the project website for more information and to provide feedback using an interactive survey.


Public Input Sought For Brattleboro Bus Schedule Re-design

BRATTLEBORO: The Current, which operates the Brattleboro bus system, is seeking public input on its new proposed bus schedules.

The existing schedules were implemented in late August 2012 by the Current’s predecessor, Connecticut River Transit (CRT). The Current, which is one of two divisions operated by Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT), took over the system in 2016 and has made only minor changes to one of the routes. From June-August, 2017, the Current conducted extensive public outreach for to increase both ridership and service quality.

The Current was awarded a planning grant by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) to work with consultant Stephen Falbel of Steadman Hill Consulting in Montpelier and the Windham Regional Commission to assist in the public outreach and resulting draft route design.

This second round of public input is to solicit comment on the draft schedules. Similar to the first round of outreach, surveys will be solicited from riders, non-riders, and businesses. Staff will also meet with Town Manager Peter Elwell and the Brattleboro Select Board.

The second round of surveys will run from July 5-August 3. VTrans and the SEVT Board of Directors will approve final changes based on the second round of public input, and will start designing the new route schedule brochure. It will be mailed to everyone in Brattleboro and West Brattleboro, and will give riders a three-week notice before it goes into effect hopefully around October 8th.

“The new schedule features many improvements and efficiencies based on the first round of input. We hope that it will improve our riders’ ability to reach their jobs, shopping, and medical appointments” said Rebecca Gagnon, Current General Manager. “What we have tried to design is to simplify the schedule, minimize transfers, reduce duplication, fill in gaps, and make the system more user friendly.” Gagnon also said that fares will remain at $1 per ride.

There are two public surveys being conducted in this second round of outreach – one for riders and one for non-riders. Riders may pick up their survey on the bus or complete it online or on the Current’s Facebook page.

The survey for those who do not currently ride the bus can be picked up at the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce, the Brattleboro Public Library, The Coop’s Shareholder Desk, and the Transportation Center. Non-riders can also fill out the survey online at and on the Current’s Facebook page.

For questions or comments call Rebecca Gagnon at 802-460-7433 ext. 201 or e-mail


Celebrate Dump the Pump Day with a Free Ride

SEVT, Inc. joins transit systems nationwide in celebration of the thirteenth annual Dump the Pump Day on Thursday, June 21. The Current will offer FARE-FREE rides for all passengers who ride the bus on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

Sponsored by the American Public Transit Association (APTA) and Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), Dump the Pump Day encourages people to ride the bus instead of driving a car. Most toxic air pollutants in Vermont, according to the Department of Health, come from motorized vehicles. Traveling by public transportation, versus single-occupant cars can significantly reduce pollution. APTA data indicates that riding public transit is more beneficial to the environment than the combined benefits of using energy-efficient lightbulbs, adjusting thermostats, weatherizing one’s home and replacing a refrigerator.

Public transportation providers like The Current, The MOOver and Advance Transit improve the economic health of their communities by getting people to and from work while powering community growth and revitalization.

“With gas prices hovering near $3 and summer road construction putting wear and tear on cars, it’s a great time to try transit,” said General Manager, Rebecca Gagnon. “Dumping the (gas) Pump and riding transit puts money back in people’s pockets.  Riders have told us that our buses make it possible for them to reduce the number of cars in their households, saving them several thousand dollars each year.”

SEVT, Inc. provides community transportation services that are safe, reliable, accessible and affordable for everyone. For more information, please contact The Current at 802-460-7433 or on the web at


Board of Directors Meeting Warning

The next Board of Director’s meeting will be May 17th at 5:30pm at the Moover, 45 Mill St. Wilmington, VT