Bellows Falls-Springfield-Chester-Okemo Bus Route Opens


The MOOver’s winter seasonal bus route connecting Bellows Falls, Springfield, Chester, and Okemo began November 27th.

The route is designed to bring employees all along the route to work at Okemo and back home. Stops include Penguin Mart in Bellows Falls, Springfield Plaza, Chester Depot, Chester Green, Ludlow, Okemo, and Jackson Gore. It is supported by a generous contribution by Okemo Mountain Resort, along with state and federal funding. There is no passenger fare for the service.

“We appreciate Okemo’s contribution that makes this route possible,” said Christine Howe, MOOver General Manager. “It has been running for many years and also allows us to provide seasonal fixed route service to Chester as well.”

There are two round trips in the morning and one in the afternoon on weekends and holidays. Midweek non-holiday there is one morning and one afternoon round trip. For the complete schedule visit .

Current Buses starting to Sport Spots


July 30, 2020
ROCKINGHAM, VT – It will be easy to spot a Current bus now that some of them have their new Holstein spots.
Earlier this year, Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT) decided to rebrand The Current as The MOOver using the name same Holstein spot theme as the MOOver division in Wilmington. This requires removing the Current design and graphics and installing spots on 21 buses. Uniforms, websites, route schedules, and bus stops will all be changed to the one, Holstein theme by the end of this year.
The first two buses have been completed, including the 40-foot Gillig bus pictured above. Seven of the 21 buses are being spotted by YIPES! in Burlington, while 14 be will done by The MOOver’s own sign shop in Wilmington. When complete, there will be 49 buses in southern Vermont to have this design.
Each bus has destination signs and will have placards with their route name and number to help riders tell them apart.
“This is one of the final steps in the merger of our two divisions” said SEVT General Manager Christine Howe. “Instead of being two divisions we will be one company with one image.”
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Southeast Vermont Transit Re-Organizes


WILMINGTON, VERMONT: Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT), operators of the Current and The MOOver transit systems, has moved a step closer in its year-long re-branding effort with re-organization of both divisions.

Current General Manager Rebecca Gagnon left the company recently, and MOOver General Manager Christine Howe has been promoted to the newly created position of SEVT General Manager. The company’s single GM will provide a consistent management presence and message, and will make both divisions more blended together. She will work in both offices starting July 11th. Howe started work at the MOOver in March, 2017 and became GM the following September.

In order to support Christine and the Current staff, Heather Gilbert has been promoted to Operations Manager in Rockingham effective July 13th. She has been a MOOver driver for several years, has run a school bus fleet, an auto dealership service department, and has been a mechanic. She will work full-time in Rockingham.

“Any time a senior executive leaves is an opportunity for re-organization”, said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO. “We have come up with a plan that is not focused on saving money but rather focuses on support for the Current staff as well as bringing both divisions closer together under one brand.”

SEVT announced a re-branding plan last January to blend the two divisions into one MOOver brand. The Current’s buses are being re-done in Holstein spots like the MOOver buses, and staff will soon be wearing the same uniforms.

The company’s websites, social media, and print marketing will also be re-worked by a soon-to-be-hired ad agency. Those projects should be completed by late fall.

For questions please contact Randy Schoonmaker at 464-8487 or .




June 12, 2020


ROCKINGHAM, VT – The Current announces schedule changes over the July 4th holiday weekend.

On Friday, July 3rd tall routes will operate as scheduled.

On Saturday, July 4th there will be no service on any Current routes

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SEVT Remains Proactive On Coronavirus


Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT), operators of the Current and the MOOver, continues to follow state and federal guidance to help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Guidance specifically for public transit has been given to SEVT by the Federal Transit Administration, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additional guidance has been given by the Vermont Department of Health. 

SEVT began treating its buses last week with recommended cleaning and disinfectant products, and all staff including drivers have been trained in personal hygiene requirements. Buses are sprayed before and after each shift, and railings, dashboards, and door handles are wiped down daily with an EPA-suggested disinfectant.

All SEVT routes and services are maintaining their existing schedules except when a particular route is affected by a school closing.

Free Bus Service to Food Truck Roundup at Retreat Farm


Every Thursday night until Sept 5th from 5pm – 8pm, the Retreat Farm will be hosting a weekly Food Truck Roundup at the Retreat Farm. The Current is offering free bus service from Bellows Falls to Brattleboro for anyone who wants to attend.

Come and enjoy great food and entertainment in a community atmosphere.

The schedule for The Current bus to and from the event is below.

To Retreat Farm

Penguin Mart (Bellows Falls) 4:10pm 5:15pm
Allen Brothers 4:20pm 5:20pm
Exit 5 Park-n-Ride 5:21pm
High Grove Lot (Brattleboro) 5:55pm
Arrives at Retreat Farm 5:00pm 6:00pm

From Retreat Farm

Departs Retreat Farm 7:00pm 8:00pm
High Grove Lot (Brattleboro) 8:03pm
Exit 5 Park-n-Ride 7:35pm 8:35pm
Allen Brothers 7:45pm 8:45pm
Penguin Mart (Bellows Falls) 7:55pm 8:65pm

More information is available at The Retreat’s web site.

Dump The Pump


Dump The Pump logo

Public Transit helps you save money!

A household can save nearly $10,000 by getting rid of one car and taking the bus instead. Public transportation saves Americans 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually.

Public transit helps you save the planet!

40% of Vermont household greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation. Take the bus and cut your proportion!

Calculate your fuel savings and carbon savings

To, calculate your fuel savings and carbon savings, go to:
and in the top bar, click on “TOOLS & CALCULATORS.”

Current Celebrates National Dump The Pump Day


ROCKINGHAM, VT   The Current is joining public transit companies across the country in promoting the use of public transit to save money, fuel, and emissions by celebrating the fourteenth annual National Dump the Pump Day, Thursday, June 20th.

All riders using a Current bus that charges a fare not only ride free on June 20th, but they will also receive a free ride card for a future free ride valid any day for up to a full year. Fares are $1 in the Brattleboro area and on the Brattleboro-Bellows Falls route, and $2 on routes to the Upper Valley.  Riders on the Current’s fare-free routes will also receive a free ride card. Read More

2018 Annual Meeting


The Southeast Vermont Transit Board of Directors will hold their 2018 Annual Meeting at 5:00 pm February 21, 2019 meeting at The MOOver, 45 Mill Street in Wilmington, Vermont, and at The Current, 706 Rockingham Road, Rockingham, Vermont.