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CRT Published Bratleboro Bus Brochure

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May 7, 2014


ROCKINGHAM, VT Connecticut River Transit (CRT) is distributing a new brochure for its Brattleboro bus routes this week. Some minor route changes and token sale changes will take effect May 19th, so distributing the brochure two weeks early will give the public time to digest the changes before they become effective.

The brochure shows the Red, Blue, and White Line schedules and route maps, as well as connections on all major public transit modes to regional destinations. It is being mailed to all addresses in Brattleboro, West Brattleboro, and Hinsdale, NH, and will be hand delivered to key outlets in Brattleboro and Hinsdale. All CRT buses will have the brochures onboard as well.

CRT will be installing bus stop signs and schedules at all of its Brattleboro stops in May. Each stop will list all of the routes that serve that stop, as well as the time of day the bus stops there. A large schedule of all routes will be placed in the window of the Transportation Center where all CRT routes meet.

All CRT bus shelters are being cleaned and new schedule holders will be installed as well.

CRT is also producing a brochure for its other routes in its 31-town territory. That brochure will be out in the early summer of 2014.

Last year the Red, White, and Blue Lines provided 57,663 rides and traveled 118,622 miles.

For more information contact Rebecca Gagnon at CRT (802) 460-1195 ext 201. Go online at for the latest news and information.