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All buses are running on schedule. Please monitor this page for updates.


Special Meeting between CRT and DVTA


The Special Meeting between CRT and DVTA scheduled for December 10th has been rescheduled to December 15, 2014 at 1:00pm

The session will be held at the Grand Summit Hotel  89 Grand Summit Way, West Dover, VT 05356


Monthly Board Meeting


The October Board meeting will be held on October 23rd at 4:00pm. The location is at the CRT office, 760 Rockingham St. Rockingham, Vermont

Joint Board Meeting


The CRT and DVTA Boards will have a joint board meeting at 10:00 am on September 22, 2014 at the Grand Summitt Hotel 89 Grand Summitt Way West Dover, Vermont 05356



A Meeting of the Board of Directors for Connecticut River Transit, Inc. (CRT) will be held on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at 1:30 PM.  The meeting will be held at the office of CRT, 706 Rockingham Road, Rockingham, Vermont 05101.  This meeting will be held jointly with Board members of the Deerfield Valley Transit Authority (DVTA) and representatives of the Vermont Agency of Transportation.  The sole agenda item for this meeting will be to continue discussions of a merger of DVTA and CRT.



Planned CRT-DVTA Transit Merger


                CRT-DVTA logo

Since September 16, 2013, the Deerfield Valley Transit Association (DVTA), which operates public transit in the Deerfield Valley, has been managing Connecticut River Transit’s (CRT’s) southeastern Vermont transit service under a management of services contract.  Once the two began working together, there were many indications that the two agencies could be more effective if they combined forces.  To further explore this potential, the boards and key staff from both agencies, with assistance from VTrans and a consultant, have been discussing the feasibility, benefits, and other impacts of a merger.  At the most recent meeting on August 1, the boards of CRT and DVTA decided to proceed with a merger to:

  • Provide a stronger foundation to improve transit service in southeastern Vermont
  • Better leverage the strengths of each organization to improve service delivery and customer service
  • Reduce duplicate administrative tasks, such as auditing, marketing, procurement, and grant applications
  • Produce a stronger, more financially sustainable system

Key Elements

Many details of the merger are still being worked out.  However, key elements include:

  • As is currently the case with both CRT and DVTA, the new organization will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
  • The name of the new organization has not yet been determined, but services will continue to be provided using the The Current and MOOver brands.
  • The merged organization will have an up to 10-member board, with equal representation from what are now the CRT and DVTA service areas.
  • Randy Schoonmaker, who is currently the General Manager of DVTA and is now managing CRT services through the Management Services Agreement, will be the General Manager of the new agency.
  • The new organization will have two operating divisions–a Rockingham Division and a Wilmington Division.  Some administrative functions will be merged to reduce duplication and to expand capabilities in areas such as public information, customer service, and planning.  Administrative personnel will continue to be physically based at both locations. All employees will continue to be provided with the same pay and benefits.
  • No personnel reductions will occur–savings achieved through efficiencies will be used to expand efforts in areas where improvements are needed.

Passenger Impacts

Over the short-term, passengers will not see any changes, and they will continue to use the same buses operating on the same routes with the same names at the same times and with the same drivers.

Over time, once the new organization becomes established, it will place a greater emphasis on improving service.  These changes will evolve over time and will likely involve improvements such as better coordination of Moover and The Current services, and increased service levels made possible through a reduction in administration duplication and operational efficiencies such as shifting services between bases.


CRT and DVTA intend for the new 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to begin business on October 1, 2014.  At that time, CRT and DVTA will become wholly owned subsidiaries of the new organization and maintain separate finances through the end of this fiscal year (June 30, 2015).  Beginning on July 1, 2015, the two subsidiaries will be dissolved and all finances, functions, and personnel will be merged into the new “parent” organization.

more information

For more information, please contact:

Rebecca Gagnon

802-460-7433 x201




Special Board meeting


The CRT and DVTA Boards will have a joint board meeting at 9:30 am on Aug 1, 2014  at the Grand Summitt Hotel 89 Grand Summitt Way West Dover, vermont 05356




Connecticut River Transit (CRT) is soliciting proposals for two-way digital turbo radio systems for its service area from Hanover, NH to Vernon, VT and from Jamaica, VT to Keene, NH. E-mail for RFP is . Proposals due 9/5/14.



Connecticut River Transit (CRT) and Deerfield Valley Transit Association (DVTA) are soliciting proposals for telephone and voice mail management systems in their Rockingham and Wilmington, Vermont offices. E-mail for RFP is . Proposals due 9/5/14.

CRT To raise fares August 4th, 2014



July 15, 2014


ROCKINGHAM – Connecticut River Transit (CRT) announces changes in its fare policy on several of its routes effective August 4, 2014.

Six routes will go from a voluntary donation to a required fare. The Springfield In Town and Bellows Falls In Town routes will both charge a $1 fare that is valid all day on the day it was purchased instead of the current $1 requested per ride donation. The Bellows Falls-Springfield Route will go from a $2 donation to a $2 one-way fare. The Bellows Falls-Ludlow route will go from a $3 donation to a $2 one-way fare. An additional $2 fare will be required by Marble Valley Regional Transit District (MVRTD) to go from Ludlow to Rutland. The Bi-Weekly Shopper trip will cost riders $3 for an all-day ride, and Dial-A-Ride donations will change to a $2 fare for in-town trips and $3 for out of trips. The winter seasonal Bellows Falls-Okemo route will no longer ask for a donation nor require a fare thanks to sponsorship from Okemo Mountain Resort. Fares on all other CRT routes will remain the same, but the company is considering a change to its Upper Valley Routes sometime this fall.

CRT General Manager Rebecca Gagnon says “With flat federal and state funding and increasing fuel and insurance costs, we need to increase local funding to maintain the level of service we have now. We have made cuts on our spending and realized internal efficiencies, but now we need to have our riders increase their support.”

Gagnon says that CRT conducted public hearings in Bellows Falls and Springfield that were required by the state before any fare increase could take place. Although no one likes a fare increase, she noted that the input CRT received has been very supportive.

CRT’s donation policy yielded little if any income, and the company approached the fare policy change with several months of careful thought and research. In June the company stopped selling discounted tokens on its three Brattleboro routes with minimal impacts to its riders there.

CRT’s new brochure will be distributed shortly, as will signs at every bus stop with the schedule and fare policy.

For more information call CRT at 1-888-869-6287 or .

CRT Published Bratleboro Bus Brochure



May 7, 2014


ROCKINGHAM, VT Connecticut River Transit (CRT) is distributing a new brochure for its Brattleboro bus routes this week. Some minor route changes and token sale changes will take effect May 19th, so distributing the brochure two weeks early will give the public time to digest the changes before they become effective.

The brochure shows the Red, Blue, and White Line schedules and route maps, as well as connections on all major public transit modes to regional destinations. It is being mailed to all addresses in Brattleboro, West Brattleboro, and Hinsdale, NH, and will be hand delivered to key outlets in Brattleboro and Hinsdale. All CRT buses will have the brochures onboard as well.

CRT will be installing bus stop signs and schedules at all of its Brattleboro stops in May. Each stop will list all of the routes that serve that stop, as well as the time of day the bus stops there. A large schedule of all routes will be placed in the window of the Transportation Center where all CRT routes meet.

All CRT bus shelters are being cleaned and new schedule holders will be installed as well.

CRT is also producing a brochure for its other routes in its 31-town territory. That brochure will be out in the early summer of 2014.

Last year the Red, White, and Blue Lines provided 57,663 rides and traveled 118,622 miles.

For more information contact Rebecca Gagnon at CRT (802) 460-1195 ext 201. Go online at for the latest news and information.

CRT Wins Holt Grant Funding for Dialysis Rides


CRT ( in conjunction with Springfield Hospital and Community Health Center) is pleased to announce that it was awarded $14,000 toward providing extra Dialysis rides from January 1st through to June 30th 2014. Due to funding constraints, CRT has been able to provide only 2 out of 3 needed dialysis rides for those who qualify; we will now be able to provide the extra dialysis ride per month to qualified riders.  The Grant became available on January 1st 2014.