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All buses are running on schedule. Please monitor this page for updates.


Thanksgiving Day Bus Service


There will be no bus service on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22, 2018.

Bus service will resume on Friday, November 23, 2018

The Current wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day

VTrans to Hold Statewide Public Transit Plan Meetings


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Vermont is updating its state-wide Public Transit Plan.

Do you ride the bus? Carpool? Take a taxi? We want your input. VTrans will be holding regional forums throughout the state in October and November. The purpose of the regional forums is to gather input on existing public transportation services, service gaps and challenges, and potential solutions from stakeholders and transit riders.

For more information, visit the project website for more information and to provide feedback using an interactive survey.

SEVT Announces Two New Board Appointments


RELEASE DATE: October 9, 2018


WILMINGTON, VT   Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT) recently appointed two new members to its Board of Directors.

Joel Bluming of Jamaica joined the Board in May, and in September Scott Tucker also joined. They replaced Tom Marsh and Eithne Eldred who served on the Connecticut River Transit and Deerfield Valley Transit Association Boards respectively. They became SEVT Board members when the companies merged in 2015.

Bluming is a member of the Windham Regional Planning Commission’s Transportation Advisory Council and is a strong advocate for public transit. Tucker is the Wilmington Town Manager and a longtime member of the Rutland Police Department.

“We are fortunate to have such a well-rounded and well-qualified Board of Directors” said Randy Schoonmaker, SEVT CEO. “Scott and Joel join our existing six other Board members who represent our 35-town territory extremely well.”

The other Board members are Chip Stearns of Springfield; Wendy Harrison of Brattleboro; Travis Wendel of Wilmington; Marco Tallini of Dover; Jon Meeks of Wardsboro; and Matt Mann of Brattleboro. The Board meets in two locations via video conferencing usually on the third Thursday of the month. The two locations are 45 Mill Street in Wilmington and 706 Rockingham Road in Rockingham.

New Brattleboro Bus Schedule


RELEASE DATE: September 12, 2018

ROCKINGHAM, VT The Current announced today that the new Brattleboro bus schedules will become effective Monday, October 15th.

The new schedule reflects 12 months of planning, surveying, testing, and soliciting public input. It will add several hundred hours of new service, up from 8,800 to 9,100 hours. Most of the new service goes to the White Line which will start early in the morning instead of late morning. Also new is a new Blue Line loop to the Winston Prouty Center/Living Memorial Park/Brattleboro Music Center and White Line service to Cotton Mill.

The Red and White Lines will feature one-hour round trips, and the Red Line will now travel direct from West Brattleboro to Market32, eliminating a transfer at the Transportation Center that exists now. Transfer times have been reduced as much as possible between routes, and fares will remain at $1 per ride.

“We’re really excited about the new schedules” said Rebecca Gagnon, Current General Manager. “We thank everyone for their input on designing the new schedules and their support of our service. Hopefully we will serve our existing riders better and attract new ones.”

Schedules will be mailed to everyone in Brattleboro in late September. They will also be distributed on buses and in locations throughout town.

To see the new schedules go to .

Labor Day Bus Service


There will be no bus service on Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2018.

Bus service will resume on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

The Current wishes everyone a safe and happy Labor Day

Public Input Sought For Brattleboro Bus Schedule Re-design


BRATTLEBORO: The Current, which operates the Brattleboro bus system, is seeking public input on its new proposed bus schedules.

The existing schedules were implemented in late August 2012 by the Current’s predecessor, Connecticut River Transit (CRT). The Current, which is one of two divisions operated by Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT), took over the system in 2016 and has made only minor changes to one of the routes. From June-August, 2017, the Current conducted extensive public outreach for to increase both ridership and service quality.

The Current was awarded a planning grant by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) to work with consultant Stephen Falbel of Steadman Hill Consulting in Montpelier and the Windham Regional Commission to assist in the public outreach and resulting draft route design.

This second round of public input is to solicit comment on the draft schedules. Similar to the first round of outreach, surveys will be solicited from riders, non-riders, and businesses. Staff will also meet with Town Manager Peter Elwell and the Brattleboro Select Board.

The second round of surveys will run from July 5-August 3. VTrans and the SEVT Board of Directors will approve final changes based on the second round of public input, and will start designing the new route schedule brochure. It will be mailed to everyone in Brattleboro and West Brattleboro, and will give riders a three-week notice before it goes into effect hopefully around October 8th.

“The new schedule features many improvements and efficiencies based on the first round of input. We hope that it will improve our riders’ ability to reach their jobs, shopping, and medical appointments” said Rebecca Gagnon, Current General Manager. “What we have tried to design is to simplify the schedule, minimize transfers, reduce duplication, fill in gaps, and make the system more user friendly.” Gagnon also said that fares will remain at $1 per ride.

There are two public surveys being conducted in this second round of outreach – one for riders and one for non-riders. Riders may pick up their survey on the bus or complete it online or on the Current’s Facebook page.

The survey for those who do not currently ride the bus can be picked up at the Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce, the Brattleboro Public Library, The Coop’s Shareholder Desk, and the Transportation Center. Non-riders can also fill out the survey online at and on the Current’s Facebook page.

For questions or comments call Rebecca Gagnon at 802-460-7433 ext. 201 or e-mail

Celebrate Dump the Pump Day with a Free Ride


SEVT, Inc. joins transit systems nationwide in celebration of the thirteenth annual Dump the Pump Day on Thursday, June 21. The Current will offer FARE-FREE rides for all passengers who ride the bus on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

Sponsored by the American Public Transit Association (APTA) and Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), Dump the Pump Day encourages people to ride the bus instead of driving a car. Most toxic air pollutants in Vermont, according to the Department of Health, come from motorized vehicles. Traveling by public transportation, versus single-occupant cars can significantly reduce pollution. APTA data indicates that riding public transit is more beneficial to the environment than the combined benefits of using energy-efficient lightbulbs, adjusting thermostats, weatherizing one’s home and replacing a refrigerator.

Public transportation providers like The Current, The MOOver and Advance Transit improve the economic health of their communities by getting people to and from work while powering community growth and revitalization.

“With gas prices hovering near $3 and summer road construction putting wear and tear on cars, it’s a great time to try transit,” said General Manager, Rebecca Gagnon. “Dumping the (gas) Pump and riding transit puts money back in people’s pockets.  Riders have told us that our buses make it possible for them to reduce the number of cars in their households, saving them several thousand dollars each year.”

SEVT, Inc. provides community transportation services that are safe, reliable, accessible and affordable for everyone. For more information, please contact The Current at 802-460-7433 or on the web at

July 4th Bus Service


There will be no bus service on Independence Day, July 4, 2018.

Bus service will resume on Thursday July 5, 2018

The Current wishes everyone a safe and happy Independence Day


Board of Directors Meeting Warning


The next Board of Director’s meeting will be May 17th at 5:30pm at the Moover, 45 Mill St. Wilmington, VT



The Current’s schedule changes prove very effective


ROCKINGHAM: The Current’s schedule changes on six of its 16 routes that became effective February 5th have proven very successful.

For the period February 5-April 27, the routes with new schedules are the Bellows Falls In-town route (up 136% over last year), the Springfield In-town route (up 18%), the Bellows Falls-Springfield route (31%), the Bellows Falls-Ludlow route (up 14%), the Bellows Falls-Brattleboro route (up 34%), and the Bellows Falls to Hanover route (down 8%). All but the Hanover route are fare free.

During that period ridership was 11,252 versus 8,971 for the same period last year, an increase of 2,281 riders or 25%.

The Current conducted over a year of studies and planning in partnership with the Southern Windsor Planning Commission and the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). Several well-attended public meetings were held. “The Current received an unexpectedly-large amount of public input” said Rebecca Gagnon, General Manager. “We incorporated as much of that input as we could in re-designing the routes. We are pleased with the first three months of performance, and we hope to increase to the Hanover ridership over time.”

The Current made these changes with no additional funding. “We re-shuffled hours among these routes to take advantage of opportunities and to trim unproductive miles.”

A new brochure was printed and mailed to all addresses in Springfield and Rockingham. The brochures were also be distributed to business, chambers of commerce, and onboard the buses. The Current’s website was being updated with new information and the new schedules as well. The schedule is available on The Current’s website, .

For more information contact Rebecca Gagnon at (802) 460-7433, ext. 201.